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Thank you for your interest in internship opportunities at Haku Baldwin Center.

We currently offer an unpaid internship in our Animal-Assisted Therapy/Activities program, where students learn about the field of Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted-Activities (AAA) in the clinical environment. Our therapeutic programs are dedicated to helping children and adults with special needs, patients and seniors in hospitals, rehabilitation, convalescent, assisted-care, pediatric, adult-day care and Alzheimer’s facilities.

Spaces always fill up fast, especially in the summertime, so we encourage you to apply now.

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There are also opportunities to volunteer with both the Animal-Assisted Therapy/Activities team, the Therapeutic Riding Program for children with special needs, and special events throughout the year.  Click here to learn more.

NOTE: There is no cost to participate in our programs.  Haku Baldwin Center does not provide accommodation for volunteers or interns, or any compensation for time, food, living expenses, transportation costs, visa costs, etc.  We do not offer any type of financial compensation to our volunteers or interns.  Participants must arrange their own transportation and accommodation.  Information on Maui’s public bus system can be found here:

Contact us here with any questions.