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Thank you for your interest in spending part of your Maui vacation with us!

Whether you’re staying on Maui for a week, a month or an extended vacation (lucky you), we have voluntourism opportunities at Haku Baldwin Center that may be a great fit for you.

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There is no cost to participate.  Our Vacation Volunteer program is open to interested persons aged 16 years and older.  Due to the therapeutic nature of our programs, we do not currently have volunteer positions available for children or teens under 16.

See our Volunteer page to select a program that’s open during your visit & download the application form(s).  Use our Contact Page for any questions.  Be sure to include your dates of travel (or just the dates on which you’re available), number of people in your party, and first & last names.


NOTE: There is no cost to participate in our programs.  Haku Baldwin Center does not provide accommodation for volunteers or interns, or any compensation for time, food, living expenses, transportation costs, visa costs, etc.  We do not offer any type of financial compensation to our volunteers or interns.  Participants must arrange their own transportation and accommodation.  Information on Maui’s public bus system can be found here:

Aloha from Maui …